Saturday, October 29, 2011

A new kid on the block

I guess that most of you know that the name of the blog, cést les microbes, is one of the quotes of the famous French microbiologist Louis Pasteur, the father of Microbiology. It took me a while to decide it. But at the end, one should go back to the clasiscs. The name stands alone and actually suggests what you will find here: posts about Microbiology considered in a broad sense. I will comment on antibiotics, infection biology, innate immunity, viruses,...pretty much my research interests.

I strongly believe that one of my duties as a scientist is to disseminate my knowledge to the public. So actually this a key point of this blog: I am an active scientist and not a journalist who write about science. Therefore, in this blog you will find expert posts written in layman terms but always accurate and avoiding sensacionalism. Further, the posts will not be a summary of recent papers but instead will reflect my view on the topic aiming to generate feedback (discusion) from your side. So please leave always a comment!!

I have created a section called "Science for muggles" (yeah I am a Harry Potter fan). There you will find posts describing the real life of a scientist: getting the money to do the project, getting the right people to do it and, finally, convincing other collegues to accept  the manuscript which summarizes in 3-4 pages at least two-years work. If you are a scientist you may think that this is unnecesary however during my career I have realized that tax-payers, those who support our work, do not have the slightest idea of the whole process!! Under the section "Guests posts", you will find posts written by other collegues. I hope that top scientsits will be willing to write a post sharing their views on hot topics such as genomics, microbiota,...

I hope that all of you will enjoy. Stay tune.


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